What does the City Clerk actually do?

The City Clerk is a full time elected position authorized to perform all duties that the Indiana Code and the Bloomington Municipal Code delegate to the Clerk. The primary function of the Clerk’s Office is providing and preserving information. The Clerk maintains official documents, municipal records and the Bloomington Municipal Code. 

The City Clerk administers oaths of office, attests to signatures, serves as a satellite Voter Registration Office, certifies minutes, signs bond documents, and certifies cemetery deeds or other legal documents as prescribed by law. The Clerk is charged with posting public notices and filing proofs of publications.

The Clerk is a component of the legislative branch of the Bloomington City government, and as such serves as a support for and extension of the Bloomington Common Council.

The Clerk is required to maintain documents and information generated by the Common Council including ordinances, resolutions, and minutes of meetings, and is responsible also for documenting and recording decisions, discussions, and activities of the Common Council.

In addition the office is also responsible for disseminating and ensuring that municipal and public records, documents and information are accessible to the public and other governmental offices. 

Wait a minute, don’t you also handle parking ticket appeals?

Right! In the mid 1980’s the outcome of a legal suit against the City of Bloomington resulted in the formation of an appeals process for parking ticket fines that escalate. 

This office serves as the Hearing Officer for Parking Ticket Appeals, hearing appeals directly and helping citizens understand the nature of their citation, researching the appeals, making those decisions and then communicating decisions in writing when appropriate.

Can you officiate weddings?

Yes! In fact, officiating weddings is one of Nicole’s favorite parts of the job.

What is the difference between the City Clerk and the County Clerk?

The City Clerk maintains the Bloomington Municipal Code, preserve the official record of the Common Council, officiate weddings, maintain a roster of City Boards & Commissions, process parking citation appeals and provide legislative certifications.

The County Clerk assists the Circuit Court Judges in the execution of their judicial duties by preparing, recording, and maintaining court documents. They also manage the Court's docket and traffic court. Case-related information and court documents are provided to state, local, and federal agencies as well as to the general public, attorneys, litigants, and the media.

Both Clerks can officiate weddings, but the County Clerk is responsible for issuing marriage licenses.